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“Mr. Meyers is an extremely talented visual effects artist with an aptitude for creating shaders and textures way above and beyond the norm. It was a pleasure working with such a talented and devoted individual.”

-Paul Ghezzo, CG / VFX Supervisor, Sway Studio

“Rob is a first class look development artist…as well as a shader and texture expert. His work is superior, and few people can challenge the term photoreal like Rob Meyers. The detail and attention he pays to things define the look and set a bar way above the rest.”

-Christopher Nichols, VFX supervisor, Sway Studio

“Rob has an uncanny attention to detail. Place an object or a photo in front of him and he’ll recreate that look in its digital equivalent. His ability to break down what makes something look the way it does in real life, and the ability to translate that to shaders in the digital world is exceptional.”

-Greg Tsadilas, CG Supervisor, Sway

“Rob is a great artist and a master with surfacing. I really like working with Rob and think he’s a real asset.”

-Aaron Powell, VFX Supervisor, Sway Studio

“Rob is a great artist…I would gladly work beside him in a team any time! He is responsible and easy to get along with as well.”

-Daniel Buck, 3D artist, Sway Studio