Advertisements for food and products

General Product and Commercial CG work. This reel primarily focuses on Look Development, Lighting and Surfacing with the Vray Renderer.

Shot Breakdowns


-Supervision of lighting team
-Development of hero Chocolate, Ice Cream and Syrup models and shaders
-Development and distribution of light rigs and rendering setups to lighting team

ScreenHunter_004 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_005 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_006 2009-07-20

Pontiac Tunnel

Direction, Look Dev, Environmental Modeling, Lighting, Surfacing, Cameras, and Editing.

I directed this short project at Sway Studio. I personally executed most everything you see other than the car model and compositing.

ScreenHunter_017 2009-07-20

BMW Rain

Lighting, Animated Rain Shaders on Car and Camera Lens

ScreenHunter_020 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_021 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_023 2009-07-20

Quaker State

Lighting and Surfacing of Engine, Microscopic Parts, and Oil Elements

ScreenHunter_026 2009-07-20

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Airplane Surfacing

ScreenHunter_027 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_028 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_032 2009-07-20

Pontiac Spy Hunter

-Research and Development of Spy Hunter environment based on the classic 8-bit game
-Modeling and animation of previs for project bidding
-Modeling and Shading of environment assets
-Art Direction and Visual Development of enemy vehicles based on original game sprites for realization in CG
-Development and distribution of light rigs and rendering setups to lighting team

ScreenHunter_033 2009-07-20

Pontiac G6

Interior Lighting and Surfacing, Model Cleanup

ScreenHunter_034 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_039 2009-07-20


Lighting and Environmental Surfacing (Stone and Glass Surfaces, Wood, Water and Rocks)
VES Award Nominee

ScreenHunter_041 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_044 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_056 2009-07-20

Chevy Evolution/G8 Bridge

Modeling, Lighting and Surfacing of Bridge and Ocean Environment

ScreenHunter_057 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_059 2009-07-20

Hyundai Robots

Lighting, Modeling, and Surfacing of Robots, Floor and Yellow Structures

ScreenHunter_067 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_066 2009-07-20


Environmental Lighting and Surfacing (Table, Candles, Bottle)
Character Lighting, Surfacing, and Rigging

ScreenHunter_072 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_075 2009-07-20

“21” – Opening Sequence

Look Dev, Lighting and Surfacing of close-up Felt, Cards, Chips, and other objects

ScreenHunter_077 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_080 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_084 2009-07-20

Chevy Silverado/Chevy Evolution

Lighting, Modeling and Surfacing of Terrain

ScreenHunter_088 2009-07-20

Pontiac Red Carpet

Lighting and Surfacing of Red Carpet and Palm Trees

ScreenHunter_095 2009-07-20

Pontiac Turntable

Lighting, Modeling and Surfacing of Turntable and Record

ScreenHunter_096 2009-07-20

Pontiac Mine

Surfacing of Concrete

ScreenHunter_101 2009-07-20

Bud Space

Lighting, Surfacing and Additional Modeling of Satellite

ScreenHunter_104 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_109 2009-07-20

BK Wraps

Modeling, Surfacing and Lighting of Wrap Elements

ScreenHunter_113 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_116 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_119 2009-07-20

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Modeling, Surfacing and Lighting of Cinnamon Squares

ScreenHunter_121 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_120 2009-07-20

GM Robot

Surfacing and Lighting of Robot and River

ScreenHunter_123 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_125 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_126 2009-07-20

Hyundai Genesis

Lighting, Surfacing and Modeling of Headlamps, Tail Light LEDs, and overall Lighting of Vehicle

ScreenHunter_131 2009-07-20

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Airplane Surfacing

ScreenHunter_140 2009-07-20

BMW Previs

Environmental Surface and Lighting

ScreenHunter_144 2009-07-20

Pontiac Runway Previs

Environmental Modeling, Surfacing, and Lighting