Photo-real Look Development for Feature Films and Commercials

Here is a look at my recent Lighting and Look Development work.

Shot Breakdowns:

Red Tails

-Converted ILM’s hero assets for Pixomondo’s 3DSMax/Vray pipeline, rebuilding shaders each containing hundreds of texmaps for dozens of planes, vehicles, and digital doubles, matching the look of ILM’s turntables and rendered shots very closely to achieve a high level of quality.
-Look developed, Modeled, and textured detailed cockpit interiors and exteriors for closeup shots.
-Created rigs for lighting and pilot shadow casting on cockpit interiors.
-Supervised junior artists to achieve proper uv unwrapping, modeling and texture painting on a large number of cockpit setups.
-Worked with supervisors and compositors to achieve realistic glass effects through the use of complex render passes.
-Creation of special shader variations such as battle damage
-Packaged shaded assets to share with ILM and other vendors on the show.

Sucker Punch

-Lookdev, Lighting and Shading of planes, airships, mecha suit, and digital doubles.
-Created finished model and UV layout for mecha suit from a low-poly mesh. Added piping, trim, panel cuts, mechanisms, hoses, mud and other details.
-Final lookdev, shading, texturing of mecha. Worked closely with supervisor to test animation rig, fixing modeling issues where needed.
-Created rigs for interactive lighting from muzzle flashes in live action plates.
-Created environmental layouts for battlefield set extension, matching look of plates.

After Earth

-Responsible for overall lookdev of space ships, set extensions, and digital doubles.
-As lead artist, supervised junior lighters, providing light rigs and guiding direction of lighting for a consistent look across all shots.
-Lighting on a large number of shots.

The Lightning Thief

-Modeling, surfacing and lighting of “Hell” sign
-Modeling, surfacing and lighting of hero objects, and various assets for bg object cloud
-Lighting of castle and environment
-Creation of additional elements/AOVs as needed for comp
-Worked closely with matte painters to implement projected environments

The Last Airbender

-Lighting, Surfacing and Modeling of 3D ice using Vray Subsurface Scattering
-Painting of additional maps and elements for compositing (Photoshop)


-Development of hero Chocolate, Ice Cream and Syrup shaders
-Development and distribution of light rigs and rendering setups to lighting team
-Supervision of lighting team

ScreenHunter_027 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_028 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_032 2009-07-20

Pontiac Spy Hunter

-Research and Development of Spy Hunter environment based on the classic 8-bit game
-Modeling and animation of previs for project bidding
-Modeling and Shading of environment assets
-Art Direction and Visual Development of enemy vehicles based on original game sprites for realization in CG
-Development and distribution of light rigs and rendering setups to lighting team

ScreenHunter_067 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_066 2009-07-20


-Development of shaders and light rigs for tabletop environment, characters and props
-Development and distribution of rendering setups to lighting team
-Lighting and final render on multiple shots

ScreenHunter_004 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_005 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_006 2009-07-20

Pontiac Tunnel

-Art Direction and Development of tunnel environment
-Modeling, Lighting and Shading of all tunnel assets
-Animation of previs
-Supervised driving simulations and animated final cameras
-Edited final cut