Here is a look at my recent Cinematic work.

Shot Breakdowns:

Dream of Anhui

-Modeled CG plants in Speedtree, modeled buildings and props, layout, shading, lighting and rendering with Clarisse for large format dome ride film.
-Look development of shot to fine tune shading and lighting to match reference and create desired mood.

Hubei in the Air

-Design, research, modeling, look development, texture, shading and lighting of origami landscape for large format ride film.

League of Gods

-Concept designs of buildings
-Modeling, surfacing of hero palace and many outlying buildings
-Shot Layout
-Final lighting and rendering

Fiat Commercial

-Lighting and layout of underwater environment and creatures.

Jungle Adventure

-Lighting, shading, modeling and layout of jungle plants and environment in Speedtree and Clarisse.

The Lightning Thief

-Lighting of castle and environment
-Projected matte painting

Sucker Punch

-Created environmental layouts for battlefield set extension, matching look of plates.
-Lookdev, Lighting and Shading of planes, airships, mecha suit, and digital doubles.
-Created finished model and UV layout for mecha suit from a low-poly mesh. Added piping, trim, panel cuts, mechanisms, hoses, mud and other details.
-Final lookdev, shading, texturing of mecha. Worked closely with rigger to test animation rig, fixing modeling issues where needed.
-Created light rigs for interactive lighting from muzzle flashes in live action plates.

Sleepy Hollow

-Lighting, shading and modeling of CG set extensions to exactly match live action plate.

Avengers: Infinity War

-Modeled and animated CG plants in Speedtree, Layout, Shading, Lighting and Rendering with 3dsmax/Vray to match live action plate.
-Environment Lighting, Layout and Rendering work on over 60 shots for Wakanda battle sequence, from midground to horizon, including trees, foliage and Wakanda cityscape.
-Created pre-comps in Nuke to pass on to final compositors.

ScreenHunter_034 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_039 2009-07-20


-Lighting, Modeling and Environmental Surfacing (Stone and Glass Surfaces, Wood, Water and Rocks)
-VES Award Nominee

ScreenHunter_041 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_044 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_056 2009-07-20

Car Commercials

Modeling, Lighting and Surfacing of Bridge and Ocean Environment

ScreenHunter_004 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_005 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_006 2009-07-20

Pontiac Tunnel

-Art Direction and Development of tunnel environment
-Modeling, Lighting Shading and Texturing of all tunnel assets
-Animation of previs
-Supervised driving simulations and animated final cameras
-Edited final cut

The Amazing Spider-Man

-Lighting, shading and animation of water surface, bridge, and surrounding environment

ScreenHunter_027 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_028 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_032 2009-07-20

Pontiac Spy Hunter

-Research and Development of Spy Hunter environment based on the classic 8-bit game
-Modeling and animation of previs for project bidding
-Modeling and Shading of environment assets
-Art Direction and Visual Development of enemy vehicles based on original game sprites for realization in CG
-Development and distribution of light rigs and rendering setups to lighting team