Here is a look at my Architectural Renderings.

Shot Breakdowns:

ScreenHunter_034 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_039 2009-07-20


-Lighting and Environmental Surfacing (Stone and Glass Surfaces, Wood, Water and Rocks) with 3dsmax and Vray
-VES Award Nominee

Dream of Anhui

-Modeled CG plants in Speedtree, modeled buildings and props, layout, shading, lighting and rendering with Clarisse for large format ride film.
-Look development of shot to fine tune shading and lighting to match reference and create desired mood.

ScreenHunter_004 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_005 2009-07-20ScreenHunter_006 2009-07-20

Pontiac Tunnel

-Art Direction and Development of tunnel environment in 3dsmax and Vray
-Modeling, Lighting Shading and Texturing of all tunnel assets
-Animation of previs
-Supervised driving simulations and animated final cameras
-Edited final cut

Sleepy Hollow

-Lighting, shading and modeling of CG set extensions in 3dsmax and Vray to exactly match live action plate.

Salesforce Tower

-Modeling and animation of tower build in 3dsmax.

Avengers: Infinity War

-Modeled and animated CG plants in Speedtree, Layout, Shading, Lighting and Rendering with 3dsmax/Vray to match live action plate.
-Environment Lighting, Layout and Rendering work on over 60 shots for Wakanda battle sequence, from midground to horizon, including trees, foliage and Wakanda cityscape.
-Created pre-comps in Nuke to pass on to final compositors.